I've noticed minimalism people always have big houses to make their stuff look even smaller. I realized this because I'm sitting on my twin bed where I can reach my arm out and touch my dresser wall ( one faces me and the other my roommate) and at the foot of my bed I have 16 inches of space. I know this because I have a 16 inch wide shelf that cost me 10$ and some splinters. Realistically I have way less than these people but my space gets pretty crowded. It's also got some personality, I've got my books, my yarn, dead bulbs I'm waiting to store, red wine thats surprisingly good at fighting sore throats and more stuff.

People I know who fall into the minimalist category don't really have much personality and neither do their spaces. It's all very cookie cutter. People I know who've grown out of needing to project their personality all over the walls to sort out who they are still have more personality in their spaces. I always loved one of my friends houses growing up, the place was dripping with personal touches and little things they collected.

I think minamilism can have personality but the version going on currently looks very sanitized.

posted by user-inactivated: 779 days ago