"Obligation." Not "opportunity." Not "duty." Not "right." Not "privilege." I have an "obligation" to take out the garbage. Two hours ago, Brad Parscale Mk. II sent out an email with that tweet basically saying "yeah the president's right, obligation, yadda yadda, 800% match, thank you drive through" and it is far and away the least passionate shit I have seen from the Trump campaign.

Trump's base aren't a "law & order" crew. They're a "take the law into your own hands" crew. Letter-writing and appeals to the constitution aren't their scene; they're much more about loading up the F350 with bear spray and paintball guns to go rumble with some antifa fags.

On the other hand, RIPRBG is basically the Seventh Seal for the Progressive movement. This is that orc with the bomb running under the castle walls. I mean, I threw $100 at Get Mitch or Die Trying just to feel like I'm doing something, and I'm already monthly to the ACLU. I've also somehow become the voice of moderation, god help me, despite the fact that the last time I took one of those stupid political quizzes I was like 95% socialist or some shit.

The last thing the Trump campaign needs is another reasons for anyone vaguely left of Romney to get out and vote so hard because really? McConnell will get his pick, they'll vote on it and it'll be done. Lame duck, before the election, doesn't matter. For Trump it's another opportunity to do his dumb Bachelor Rose Ceremony but a supreme court justice? Not beholden to him. Owes him nothing. Is likely to disappoint him in the long run. At least with Jeff Sessions Trump could watch him twist in the wind for not licking sphincter hard enough. A Supreme? That's job security. And there is absolutely nothing between us and Justice Norquist. Or Justice Stephen Miller.

Trump knows, and McConnell knows, and Susan Collins knows that if Mitch doesn't get what he wants he can open up all sorts of things he's had shut down. Every bill he's sitting on is leverage. Every single thing the Democrats want? There's a Republican who doesn't. In order for this not to be an absolute catastrophe a whole bunch of people who have never done the right thing need to do the right thing.

We knew when Trump was elected we'd likely lose Roe V. Wade. We knew we'd likely lose Obamacare. And we will. That's it. McConnell isn't stupid and he's not gonna fly too close to the sun like Gingrich. Mutherfuckin' turtle wins the race.

This is the way it always is: liberals capture the culture because they're young, conservatives capture the legislature because they're patient. The conservatives have been building an apparatus since Goldwater lost and the past 70 years have been about reversing The New Deal. And here we are. Trump? Trump is a sideshow. Trump has always been a side show. Whenever you ask McConnell about Trump, he points to all the judges he's installed. And every liberal or progressive voice worth listening to has been decrying the attack on the courts since Scalia and the Democrats have been too busy giving people's jobs away to Mexico and globalizing trade for Jamie Dimon.

You've got some decisions to make, my friend. Because between the way the politics are going and the way the environment is going, you're in Taliban country.

And I don't see a mechanism by which things get better.

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