A few days ago, I began to notice that the exponential growth phase seemed to end for my state, Texas, as daily new case numbers leveled off. I checked Florida, another known hot spot, and saw the same trend in their numbers, starting at seemingly close to the same time. I couldn't easily link either state's "progress" to events occurring a week or two previously, such as mask mandates, bar (re)closures, or even public statements by Trump or the governors. I wondered how closely this trend coincided with the Trump admin's decision to re-route the data away from the CDC and through the HHS. This guy, a physics prof at ASU, pulled the available data, and did it for me:

So I'm afraid that's relatively definitive. We are now likely flubbing the numbers for red states, somehow. The second graph he shows, the state-by-state breakdown in slope before the data re-route order vs. after, is particularly nauseating. I'm very worried that Ockham's razor, not Hanlon's, applies.

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