Resolutions suck balls. They're too big and the deadline is too far away. They're almost always of the "do more" or "try harder", without ever addressing what to do less and how to do things differently. They're almost always goals with a pass/fail state, which isn't at all helpful with long-term changes in your life.

Personally I much prefer a yearly review to end with a general theme or direction - a (few) answer(s) to the question "which part of my life do I want to focus more, even at the cost of other parts" - and a list of short term actions to put on my to do lists so I know they'll actually get done.

My 2020 theme I've dubbed the Year of Free, with the idea that I want to spend less time committed to meetings, take more time off and excercise more during work hours, and further improve how I spend my free time.

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