I think the only babies that should be born, are ones that are wanted. I think a lot of other things too, but this seems like something everybody can agree on. Unwanted Children. What an absolutely terrible and heartrending, chest-beating, hair-rending, clothes-tearingingly sad set of words. I like this metaphor. If the world's a family, and the collective 'adults' have a responsibility for the collective 'children,' both for their own sake and for the sake of a brighter future, we must have the conversation about 'well, how many kids do we want to have?' We must be reasonable, and have a conversation about our means, our beliefs. What we will and will not compromise on.

We have the resources. We have the knowledge. It is possible, that starting today, that no child would be conceived or born except to loving parents with the means to raise healthy, self-motivated pro-social adults.

This probably sounds like eugenics. I guess it depends on your definitions.

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