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Cheers! I've only really been to Australia, and then only two cities and not for any extended period of time. I like New Zealand, for the most part. It's varied.

I'm MAAB (male-assigned-at-birth) but don't feel male. But I don't feel exclusively female, either. It used to be that I'd swing between male, female, and somewhere in between, but recently it's been more neutral/female/neither than anything. It's sort of tough to put into terms of gender, I think, because in my mind I don't really have a gender, I just have moods - and those moods happen to align with things like femininty, masculinity, and androgyny. Personally, it manifests in that I've started wearing makeup (mostly natural stuff with some colour around the eyes), more colourful clothing and "women's" clothing (started with women's jeans because boy are they comfy as hell, but a few weeks back I went to a party in a dress and got a heap of compliments). I started the process of medical transition earlier this year but got turned away because of age (a horrid fucking reason) and because I'm not a binary transgender - that is, straight up male-to-female. When I do transition (which is a while off seeing as the trans* clinic in my town got shut down the other month) either I won't go all the way (which is actually becoming less likely) or I will and then start to dress androgynously, but working with a more feminine base body. All just trying to align my body with who I am in my head.