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nrthndr  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: IRC Questions

Yeah, I've never had an issue with my client, though others have reported some. I also suspect it's a mibbit issue.

Another option is if your friend can reset the channel and give someone operator status, then we can register it with ChanServ and regain control. I'd personally still prefer moving to freenode, unless your friend is planning to manage mountai for years to come.

nrthndr  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: PSA: Welcome to Hubski, Redditors.

Come on, we've had better trolls. This is just poor craftsmanship.

I'm not really sold on webcams or CCTV for security. They can help legally, post-break-in, but less so in the immediate moment of a threat. If it's a choice, I'd personally put my money on stronger entries and decent lighting... Talking to your neighbors can help too if you know the person's appearance.

Appreciate the sentiment of wanting to protect yourself and your loved ones, but if you do go down this route, make sure you do it right.

Know the laws, take a class on how to use your weapon, know when to draw one and when not to. A friend of mine likes Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network, which regularly shares interviews with lawyers and police. There's a lot of discussion about local laws, how different situations tend to look when played back to a jury, etc. (i.e. knives tend to take a surprising number of stabs to take down an assailant, most untrained individuals see 15 punctures and instantly jump to excessive use of force)

If you do decide on a gun, think about if you want a concealed carry license. Others here have talked about shotguns and rifles too. In your situation, you might want something your girlfriend can grab if you decide to leave it at home. (Or both carry)

Separate from a weapon, also see if you can do anything about your home security. If you can, also try talking to your landlord and seeing about installing a better lock / guards on your doors / windows so any punk can't kick your door down.

Advice out. Godspeed.

    No one... And I mean no one... In their right mind uses PayPal if they aren't a 100% clean business because of their tendencies to randomly shut accounts down. I don't keep any sum of money in there even though all my international clients pay me via PayPal and I pay my international employees via PayPal.

Even clean clients get frozen pretty regularly. There's speculation that this lets them make a profit by investing those funds and keeping the interest after accounts are re-opened. See PayPal freezes 600k € in Minecraft Dev's account

Mark Shuttleworth at Linuxcon. He did apologize for it though.

I hope that once the rage dies down, people will try to respectfully communicate with OP's guy. Maybe he's hard-headed in his views, or maybe he'd be more willing to listen and update them when people aren't calling for his head.

But seriously, has any software lost support because of the morals of its developers? Jobs regularly intimidated his employees and denied the existence of his daughter and Linus regularly belittles contributors on the linux mailing list. OSS is full of assholes.

    People usually have a self-image. Figure it out, treat them as they want, and get on with your life.

It doesn't report its methods, it doesn't document decoy questions ("What planet are you on?"), it doesn't report the response rate ("We questioned 5,000 women, 10 responded"), it's questions are biased ("Have you cheated on" vs. "Have you been cheated on"), it hasn't been replicated, the magazine's content is on level with bigfoot chasers, it's a magazine.

I've already put more effort into disqualifying your study as you have in defending it. Why should I trust a survey from more than a decade ago whose credibility is somewhere a few orders of magnitude below Cosmo?

    other than it's been ignored by feminist websites?

a.k.a. almost everywhere else on the internet.

P. S. Troll harder.

Dude, it's a poorly documented survey from 2004. The only people who've picked up on it are /r/MensRights and /r/theredpill.

If that's all you need to be certain of your views, you should find another place to peddle them. Hubski isn't so gullible.

Second of all, this isn't /r/theredpill

Is a single article with no citation and no methods what qualifies for evidence these days?