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After doing more research, I think the article is misleading. The reporter has not been "formally accused." That would mean indictment, and as far as I can tell he hasn't been indicted. I don't think the DOJ has the legal teeth to actually prosecute him. They're probably pissed off at him, but that's about all they can be, I think. This is regarding a 2010 search warrant for Rosen's emails in their prosecution of Stephen Kim for espionage.

Regarding this particular case, on the surface it looks like a cut and dried assault on the press, but I don't think the public knows enough of the details enough to make a sound judgement. The DOJ will have to make its case in court, and I seriously doubt any Federal court will want to give even the appearance that they are willing to basically repeal freedom of the press. If only the press felt the responsibility to do its job better instead of sell airtime to advertisers and turn a profit for its stockholders...but that's another issue.

Like other reasonable limitations to constitutional freedoms (you can't yell "fire" in a crowded theater), you can't be a journalist while being an accessory to treason. Google "Judith Miller."

Heh I was being somewhat facetious....that's me on bass :-)
Bass needs to come up in mix. :-)
Here's the basically own your own nation...but you will never match the collective wealth and power of a traditional nation...what happens if you piss one of them off? One or two Sidewinders would pretty much turn your little nation into a bonfire...