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mixlunar  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Just Right Inequality

I'd argue that the larger cause of no protests is that every mainstream news outlet that covered the Occupy protests did nothing but shit all over them in every possible way. They tore apart what the protests stood for, who the people participating in them was, and single handily destroyed the entire movement.

Which would do literally nothing because 1) the sanctions aren't going to matter because Europe won't be on board and 2) Russia only owns $162.9 billion of our debt. Literally a drop in the bucket. Not to mention, them abandoning the US dollar wouldn't do much of anything since they use mainly the Ruble.

Also, if their companies refuse to pay loans to US banks, it would cause even more trouble for them. Other countries would start to refuse loaning them money since they would know that one bad move from their politicians would cause them to not get paid.

This is a terribly written article, done by a blogspot site and it's a sad excuse for "news".

How is this political?