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    This information needs to be out there!
Rather: We need to have more articles to place advertisement on!

I wonder if that last part only pertains to that court, like if this would need to be a case for a higher court, or just 'no' period.

To me this reads:

    the Court finds that the Plaintiffs have failed to establish a sufficient factual basis to find they have standing to sue under the Fourth Amendment regarding the possible interception of their Internet communications.
You don't have sufficient evidence to support this case.
    Further, having reviewed the Government Defendants’ classified submissions, the Court finds that the Claim must be dismissed because even if Plaintiffs could establish standing, a potential Fourth Amendment Claim would have to be dismissed on the basis that any possible defenses would require impermissible disclosure of state secret information.
Furthermore, even if you did have enough evidence to support the case, the defendant can't properly defend their case because doing so would disclose Secret Information (because the case would be public.)