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I like it. You've got a cool sort of dreampop/shoegaze-esque thing going on here. I'm not too fond of the distortion at the very end which just sounds like straight clipping, but that's just me.

I saw Death Grips a few months ago and it was pretty crazy. As soon as they started (I think with "Come Up and Get Me") the entire crowd surged forward and starting just pushing and pulsing with energy, not letting up until the concert ended. I had the good fortune (and dexterity) to be in the front for a few of my favorite tracks as well. Zach Hill's live drumming is really something else to behold.

Yeah, it's pretty difficult. There are a few compilation albums that make it a bit easier to have a good picture of them over the times. I recommend Tear the Roof Off 1974-1980.

illasinsick  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Beatles, or Stones?

Despite what Piero Scaruffi says, I still believe The Beatles to be the eminent musicians of their age. There is actually a good amount of interesting theory going on behind the music that isn't apparent to a casual listener. They had the songwriting and the technical ability, but didn't rely on those, complimenting them with good pop sensibility, making the majority of their music incredibly accessible.

I can never stay away for long. I've been rerere(x many)revisiting P-Funk. Flashlight, Endangered Species, Give Up the Funk

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I've always thought that the difference between "outsider" and "insider" music has gotten progressively smaller over time. A large component of the original punk movement dealt with the democratization of music, and more recently with lackadaisical rap gaining some degree of popularity as well as production software (particularly auto-tune) becoming both easy to come by and relatively easy to use, it is now very easy to make music that is acceptable, which can become exceptional if accompanied with a powerful message or emotion.

Of course "outsider" can also just refer to music that comes from a different tradition or doesn't have a direct link from prior works--something that just sounds different. Speaking of Zappa, he also worked with Captain Beefheart, who was a rather interesting musician.

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Ah. I actually used to listen to a bunch of Venetian Snares. He has some pretty cool percussion throughout his career. I can't really understand not seeing tracks like this as music though; it's percussive in a pretty standard sense, and even melodic. I shudder at what the people you're arguing with would think of harsh noise or industrial.

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Deacon and Deakin are different. Wow that's confusing. Thanks for the heads up.

Upload weeks worth of music and stream it at 320kbps without incurring massive fees.

It's been on my list for a while. I'll get around to it soon. I'll probably skip a few gigs I've got waiting and listen to it the next night that has the right sort of vibe. I can only listen to Giles Corey at night when I'm feeling tired but not sleepy and a little crazy.

arrowheads arrowheads arrowheads

Deathconsciousness is their only full length album out. There's another that's allegedly in production, but I'm not believing it till I see it.

Dan Barrett also has some good stuff released as Giles Corey, but nothing quite as good as Deathconsciousness, if you ask me at least.

Lately I've really been harking on Deathconsciousness by Have a Nice Life. It's probably the most emotionally powerful album I've ever heard. And it sounds so distinct. Sort of like shoegaze, but not really. Sort of like drone metal but not really. The drums being just slightly off beat at just the right moments, the subtle use of electronics, the brilliant structure. It's really a brilliant work of art.