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- Civil War, Bay of Pigs

Civil War are the band that are basically Sabaton, but not quite. Comprised of four(?) ex-Sabaton members who left around the time of Carolus Rex, they went to form this band which has a greater focus on American history. They're a good band, I bought their first numbered single when it was released, but their lead singer is probably the most devisive aspect of them. People seem to hate him or love him, and it's obvious to see why even if you do enjoy his style.

Besides the point, this album is their best yet. Great and varied tracks, similair in style to Sabaton's Heroes album, they've already made a big improvement over their first album imo.

PS is there any way to like disable embedded youtube videos in the comments to make them links instead? Makes the page load like a bitch

enterthestone  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Christopher Lee dead at 93

Heartbreaking news. This is really the first celebrity death I can remember that I have really been saddened by. He lived an absolute badass life though, so I doubt anyone could say he didn't live it to the full.

I remember the first film I ever saw him in, the Man with the Golden Gun. A great Bond film and a damn good villain.

My favourite all-encompasing genre is metal. Sometimes I prefer power metal, and the next day I prefer death, and then thrash and so on, so I don't really have a favourite subgenre.

My favourite album is a hard question though, but I think Metallica's Ride the Lightning is my all time favourite, despite not listening to it regularly.

I'm a big fan of Cat/Yusuf but I've never heard this song! Cheers for the link it's a great song

No, because the development process takes a lot longer than a year. Often times individual teams within the company are developing the 'next game' simultaneously, just at a slower pace/later start date.

Sure, there is the issue that some games are becoming stale (Ubisoft's open world formula is probably the biggest I can think of) but that really does boil down to personal opinion. For me, I love the way they do open world games, namely the Assassins Creed series. Then there is also Call of Duty, which in the eyes of many does churn out the 'same game year by year', though the quality of the games does change with the developer - Infinity Ward, Sledgehammer and Treyarch are the companies developing each years'.

So no, I don't think annual releases are bad, after all a year is a fairly long time, but I think the staleness attributed to the same formula is often solely personal opinion, rather than any measured effect.