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D. Crux (b. 1918, Prague) is the code name for a cabal of artists, educators, and mathematicians. D. Crux engages in wild speculation about the nature of reality and is frequently incorrect.

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It's like I'm getting married up in here!

Something Old: My favorite version of my favorite song:

Something New: It's probably NSFW for cartoon female-presenting breasts. Among other things.

Something borrowed - I like covers that are reinventions:

And something blue. I'm a child of the 80s and I gotta have my dark synth:

These four songs are most of my commute home from work.

Currently on my phone's repeat:

This one reminds me of my current D&D character. Jaxom's a 5th level Inquisitor - we're playing Pathfinder, and just finished the first book of Wrath of the Righteous:

The video to this one makes me cry because I have a dog and a daughter who could totally do this. I'll miss them when they go to Mars:

This one is for driving at MAXIMUM VOLUME:

I just turned my 5-year-old onto Lightning Man.

"Daddy - can we hear the song about daddies and babies again?"

I've been listening to a TON of synthwave lately. Mostly mixes and shit but there's several songs that I just want to swim in and listen to on repeat. Here are two examples (and two good youtube channels):

And then Lizzo rocks my socks. When I'm feeling low energy or down I just do my hair toss, check my nails - baby, how you feel?

Good As Hell.

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I'm Dave, I'm from Detroit, and I like Donuts.

Now I live in Portland. I teach math to adults. I live with my wife kids mom and dad-in-law in what the FBI would describe as a 'compound'.

I play D&D and etc. I think that I am both smarter and dumber than I used to be, but now that I'm 50 it doesn't matter as much.

Here are three - warning, some of these videos might be NSFW. They are all good to drive to for different reasons.

Here is on the way to the caper (think like a shadowrun run, not a pickled flower bud):

Warning: Scarlett Johansson might be triggering for some folks. (Bassnectar - The Future)

Here is during the caper:

Warning: there is a naked lady, and then some nipples. That might be triggering for some folks (Gesaffelstein - Pursuit)

And this is what to drive to on the way back from the caper when you want calm focus:

Warning: there are several white people playing stringed instruments. That might be triggering for some folks. (JS Bach - Brandenburg Concerto #3)

Hey! Do you like mashups?

Well maybe not. Most of them are crap. But let me ask another question - do you like Daft Punk, or Bill Withers, or Steven Universe?

I mean if you're still on the fence I just don't even. Anyway. Here is 'Just the two of us are harder better faster stronger than you'. It is best for the singing along with I think.

I've been listening too everything I can find by Larkin Poe. I thought I was okay when I heard that Aretha Franklin died until I heard their cover of Natural Woman; their original stuff is tight, too.

The song I've been obsessing about is 'Just a Cloud' by Lusine. It sounds a bit like the singer's track is skipping like a dirty CD. But in a good way, if that makes sense? I'm trying to describe it so that it's either intriguing or off-putting, if you see what I mean - it's - it's not for everyone.

'I like me better' by Lauv reminds me of my wife, and it's her birthday Wednesday of this week. She'll be 27 again!

Soon I hope to have enough posts to actually pop links in these.

Dave's been on here a bit more regularly lately! Hey Chris - thanks for posting this.

I mean, I'm Dave. Hello - how are you? I wrote a blog about the World Cup.

Soccer is quite fun but we Must respect its Power.

My Grandmother had a cookbook like this from a Lutheran Ladies' League in Minnesota (their name was something like that, anyway). There was a Goulash recipe I remember that called for 'One can of diced tomatoes - not the biggest can but the next one'. An exercise in qualitative, not quantitative, cooking!

Here are my three top 'sing in the car' songs last week:

Journey - Don't Stop Believing. I change some of the lyrics (Since there is no 'South Detroit' I sing '...born and raised North of Detroit". Makes my wife cringe, too.)

Spinerette - Ghetto Love. I have no idea what she's really saying for most of it, but I like the angry shouty moan parts.

Angie - Smoke Weed Eat Pussy. When the little kids are in the car replace this with Parry Gripp - I like Vegetables.

The car I'm driving now doesn't have AC (it's a Volvo from 91 so 'AC' just means 'heat but not quite as much') so I sing around Portland with my windows down. There is an inverse relationship between my age and my number of fucks given, I suspect.

I was inspired by the World Cup.

I've always liked soccer - showing my 'murica right there - and this year I vowed to watch more of the games than just half of one in passing. But FIFA is a corrupt nightmare - Sepp Blatter is just the most public of that. Most of the FIFA decision makers from the last 20 years are either in jail, awaiting trial, or can't come to the US for fear of being arrested for corruption.

So I wrote some friends - most of whom are on here! - an email about each day of the cup, adding some weird dark elements and a gradually more horrifying narrative. It was fun! I mean, with a certain specific definition of fun.

I've also discovered a whole shared narrative of the SCP foundation and a modern way of talking about monsters and ghost stories - I've stayed up until dawn a couple of times this week falling through a rabbit hole there.

World Cup and Internet Monsters will forever be entwined in my heart, now.