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beginnagan  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Music Suggestions

:D Awesome! Glad you liked 'em, I love sharing music with peeps.

Not going to lie, this whole censorship fiasco on Reddit drove me out and brought me here. I've been meaning to leave it behind for a while, but for some reason never thought to actually see if there's an alternative. Voat was down and this was the only other place mentioned. I've only been here about an hour but I'm already in love, so I think I'm here to stay.

beginnagan  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Music Suggestions

We seem to have similar tastes so I'm gonna recommend a few of my favorite finds (in no particular order):

Ben Khan-Eden

MNDR-Feed Me Diamonds

purity ring-dust hymn


Fever Ray-When I Grow Up

Black Moth Super Rainbow-Windshield Smasher

Hope you enjoy at least some of them!

When I first met my husband, he played this album for me on his Regas, pretty modest speakers (and pretty little known), but it was my first time listening to anything on a hi-fi system and it blew me away. Black Ego is out of this world on a good pair of speakers.

And then you can never go wrong with the Fugees, of course. You'll recognize this song if you were alive in the 90s.