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Lets be honest there are a few other parts of that quote wasn't true for a very long time.

"I haven't run in about a month and I'm signed up to run a four mile thing tomorrow night. should be interesting."

Sounds like me I did a 15k once, my training max was about 3 miles. I told myself 15k is basically running 3 miles 3 times easy... Then I would go to the local bar for post workout beer.

Makes me wonder if a show like Married with Children would survive with today's SJW environment. I also hear many comedians are avoiding performing at colleges because kids today can't take a joke.

I'm sorry... On the plus side you're smarter than 45% of the population.

TheITGuy  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Hubski, where do you want to live?

I just want to live in a cabin on a mountain. The simple life for me; I lived in D.C., & L.A. I can honestly say the city life is overrate simply because of the cost of living.

It's great I love the layout, did you design it yourself or use a template? If you used a template can you share the source? I'm helping a friend put together a website for his non-profit, I think this would be a nice layout for his charity.

Wow this is great! Awhile back I was going to put together something similar to this but life happen. Your site elegant its present with such beauty. Thank you for sharing.

I have no idea what I just saw...

The politician, "The climate is changing' but we don't know who's to Blame..." Lets just keep kicking this policy down the road, and let the next generation deal with it. It's mind-blowing how so many people so arrogant can become so powerful...

Socialist countries today: Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Canada, China, New Zealand, and Belgium all doing well for themselves. But on the other hand most of the social-democratic Nordic nations have the highest wealth inequality in Europe as the top 10% owns 65-69% of the nations' wealth.

Found this:

"Strong social security programs, good public pensions, free higher education or generous student loans, unemployment and health insurance can greatly reduce the need for personal financial assets. Public housing programs can do the same for real assets. This is one explanation for the high level of wealth inequality we identify in Denmark, Norway and Sweden: the top groups continue to accumulate for business and investment purposes, while the middle and lower classes have no pressing need for personal saving."

Its nice to see with a well run government you don't have to focus all your energy on creating wealth, you can actual enjoy your life and its meaning.

I feel this is common for the 60+ crowd, I remember my mom called me excited that AOL was giving her 4 months free. Thankfully, she took it well when I broke the bad news to her when I had to explain to her what a web browser was.

TheITGuy  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: A World Without Work

Sadly, most of our representatives just don't understand the power of technology and the dramatic change it can bring to our landscape. Increasing wages will only push the need for corporations to invest more into artificial intelligence. The roll out for A.I. will be slow, maybe even too slow to raise any red flags. I worry not for me, but for my daughter generation. There future will be the one effected my this change in the workforce landscape. I better start teaching her a program language now to prepare her for the difficult future.