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Oh you've been able to do it more often? Neat!

I didn't really fly anywhere sadly, I was more like hovering/floating above the ground, then went up almost as high as my house until I got too excited and woke up....

The last (and first time) I flew was about a week ago in my first lucid dream ever! Sadly, it was a very short ride and I woke from excitement :(

I'd love to do it again!

Oh yes, there are quite a lot of useful insights to be found in his articles! I've done a lot of introspection/"self-improvement" during the past year or so, thanks to him. Even though I don't always agree with him, he has changed my life for the better!

If only it was easy indeed..

Hmm, I am glad that I don't live in the U.S.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did! Think I'll watch it again tonight.

Byousoku 5 Centimeter is nothing short of a masterpiece. The mood it sets, the raw, painful emotions and of course the amazing graphics... It really doesn't deserve being watched in anything less than HD.

It's quite refreshing to see it with a completely different music style, though I wish the AMV had some moment of climax to really get you involved emotionally.

I'm using Ubuntu day in, day out since 2010. Haven't looked back since.

The #1 complaint I keep hearing from people not wanting to switch to Ubuntu is "can't run my games/this particular piece of software on it, so no thanks". Once this isn't in the way of people, I'm convinced many will give it a try and hopefully make it their main machine.

My dad is also happily using Ubuntu! His first remark was "It's definitely faster than Windows!". He doesn't do more than simple browsing though, but still. He's never complained about it. My plan is to convert some of my techno-illiterate cousins soon, just so I don't need to fix their Windows all the time. I'm no window cleaner. Just need to get them to agree to dual-booting for their games...

Have you considered running Photoshop from a virtual machine on Ubuntu? I do that with Powerpoint when I need it at uni. Photoshop Portable runs under wine, be it with a few minor bugs here and there.

I left Windows for good 2 years ago, when I was introduced to Ubuntu at uni. Now using Windows just frustrates me to no end. Unless it's Windows XP. Never liked Vista or 7... let's not mention 8.

I have no regrets!

A classic. Makes me happy every time. Let It Be

Oh my, she's grown. Reach Out

It's impossible not to get happy from this! Thanks.