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I am an amateur animator and designer, looking for inspiration and to inspire others. I want to check other people's art and share my own. :)

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I can think of better people for the role, other than Johanson. But, I guess it looks ok.

It makes no difference to me, who will become the president. I am trying to warn people to prevent a civil war. Hillary has already won, you just can't see it yet. At least now you know. Don't get too angry when you see the real results, with all the absentee votes counted, right, kiddo?

My avatar is beautiful. Your pixelphobia is revolting.

As time goes on, people who don't have resources and don't oknow how to produce them would become feral. Most people in big cities don't even know how to plant basic food or which fruits can be eaten. A person with these skills could go to the desperate people and ask them to worrk together. You may think that staying in, by yourself, with guns would be a successful strategy, but it would not. The community around you must be stable, too. Sometimes, that means teaching people basic skills, so they focus on productive actions, instead of destructive actions. That's how I see it, anyway.

Well, at least nobody said that they would go on a killing spree. So, I guess we are good.

Your answer is the exact oposite to that of kleinbl00. Instead of hunkering down, you chose to find solutions to the problems that might develop. I hope most people will share your mindset, as it will be needed in the future... MIGHT be needed, that is... ominous music plays in the background

"hunker down in my house in the dark eating whatever is in the pantry and hope nobody notices me." That's exactly the kind of behavior that would accelerate the downfall of everything, don't you think so?

It sure is interesting. I will keep following this project, to see how it turns out.

It was a bug in the counting system. People would unsubscribe from the channel but the number wouldn't go down, in some cases. When they found the problem and fixed it, the numbers went down all at once. Everyone freaked out.

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