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How did your subsequent attempts go? I have asthma, but I occasionally like to indulge. Making eliquid to vape would help to not activate an asthmatic response.


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I'm about to do a google search on Smolov Jr. That's a new one to me. Could you or anyone else also list some basic descriptions of it please? I'll add a link if I find something that looks reputable.


Here is the link...looks good.

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Saving this post to review again later. Looks like solid stuff! Thank you for the tips! Keep up the strong work 🤗

LazarusRevives  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: I did the heavy thing!

I had not even considered the width of the bench I have at home until you said this! I think that may actually help. Maybe a bit of thick foam board for some moderate support that doesn't limit range of motion. Hmm. I'll also try out the rotations and get myself some bands. Thanks for the tips 👍🏻

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Yes!! Evee. Good work on both counts. I need to get my lazy butt in the gym again. How did you go about building up? I need some suggestions on weak shoulders...they tend to pop when I lift anything over like 100lbs (50kg I think). Any suggestions on exercises for supporting muscle groups around the chest/shoulders? Thanks!

Oh wow. Thank you for bringing that post to my attention. I had tried to search for it, but I'm not good at searching Hubski yet...

For the simple

purpose of randomness. But, say that a soul is some form of energy. Light can't escape a black hole and we can see it. We cannot see a soul...but I suppose we also cannot see the various color fields that [butterflies]( allegedly see. Hmm...but I do see your point. I cannot prove a soul is real or tangible and only death will let anyone subjectively know.

This is all steering sorta in the direction I had hoped. I was going to ask about dark matter actually. And super-position/uncertainty principles.

HA! That was pretty funny. I probably will check into that.

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Does this all still apply?? I'm not sure how these badges work or if they are even relevant. I think my wheel is all the way around....idk.






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Growing up wrong was a funny thing. My dad was a lawyer, which meant he knew how to argue like no other. I endured this for several years, because he was also emotionally unavailable. (I'm not getting on a couch here or anything, psychoanalysts o.o) Anyway, one day he told me that pizza was invented in the United States. I called bullshit (without the language) and I got the encyclopedia and proved him WRONG. BLAM. Of course I was sent to my room immediately because it pissed him off. I was 14 or so at the time I think. And I had something to prove, hormones and crazy experiences adding up constantly. But, now. Years later, and as an adult. With kids XD I say yeah. Thanks dad. You did what you knew how to do. You loved me when it all boiled down. I remember the time he saved me from being pulled out into the wild blue yonder of the ocean. undertow struck and my friend and I were goners. But, he saved the day....and then bitched us out lol BTW. He was my best-man at the wedding on the 18th of June this year.

And here I was thinking that we had a meth epidemic on our hands. I wonder what happens when we legalize all drugs and remove the stigma associated with them? Oh wait. Portugal did that a while back you say?

Hmm...okay. So, maybe we need to just isolate and lock up the addicts in jail or something. Oh wait, that makes them worse you say?

Excuse my sarcasm. It just gets to me that this information is out there and ignored by many.