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But the fact that any discrepancy at all occurs shows a fundamental flaw with the way the awards are structured.

And no awards are perfect. The Golden Globes, for example, have a much smaller member size than the academy.

>What if a film had great direction, but a terrible soundtrack? >What if a film had great direction, but terrible set design or art direction?

Then the film didn't have great direction.

It's impossible to seperate the two. Every director works differently, but the entire film is the director's responsibility. He's the one big picture person on the project. In the late 20s when the academy was invented, through, the producer was the creative head of the picture, and the director's award made more sense.

But what part can you pull out of a film that you can say was great direction? How do you judge a director's work APART from the fact he's the creative head of every other part of the picture, from the acting to the cinematographer.

what the fuck did you just fucking say about lolsail you little shitlord?

But for years, between the 40s and the 2000s, it was 5 for 5.


WHY. WHY are you here.

The archangelles are here, too? seriously?

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A friend of mine who works for Pixar says the sound designer Gary Rydstrom confirmed to him that Paul Thomas Anderson told him the film was about aliens, and was a key part of the sound design for the film.