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HGL  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: January 9, 2019

Start us off with a song from 2016 because its so much more relevant right now and its such a fantastic fit for this week in US politics.

Good news for states and pension funds. Actuarial payout expectations are going down.

HGL  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: November 28, 2018

You buy a house because you want to stay put and raise a kid. Or because you bought a du/tri/quad-plex and that makes financial sense. It is hugely isolating because houses are rarely located in central city hubs and services and so you end up living far away from everything.

Also probably why the strongest proponents of clamping down on Illegal immigration are legal Immigrants. When people from your ancestral region illegally move into the country without any regard for laws or legal processes it deligitimizes your perceived status in that country. It makes it harder for people who Immigrated legitimately to go about their daily business, without discrimination or prejudice. This is true if you are of a different skin color but also true even if you are say a Slav or other similar colored but slightly different complexion person.

Have you all heard of stuffing waffles? Its where you take the stuffing that you made for thanksgiving shove it into a waffle maker and make the best savory sausage waffle ever. Every year I make a whole casserole pan of stuffing just so that i can make waffles out of it later. Maybe upload some photos tomorrow.

Otherwise just the usual. Turkey, gravy, stuffing, taters, salad and pumpkin pie. It takes an awfully long time to get that all done from scratch as it is. Almost no pre made ingredients this year minus the stuffing bread. Stock, pie, gravy, all from scratch.

HGL  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: The Great Black Friday Swindle

Retail weeks seem to be broken up into two categories, either you have volume weeks or margin weeks. Volume weeks are major holidays. If you buy you pants during any of the volume weeks they are always going to be 40% off maybe 50% but roughly the same amount. If you have a sudden emergency and buy them during a margin week, well fuck you pay the sticker price. The internet has kind of taken a bite out of that model but even a online company like Duluth will only price their underwear at the 15$ point a few times a year (vs 22 normal).

Black Friday, its basically the last volume shopping week of the year. The last round of major sales and following a huge drought from labor day all the way through the days before Thanksgiving. If you need to replace clothes, or a toaster or maybe buy more underwear anytime after labor day this week is your last good opportunity. Prices are going to be at one of the lower points of the year. There may be better sales later, but its not guaranteed and the high demand stuff will have run out probably till early Feb or for clothes till next season.

For the true bargain hunter its always a cat an mouse game between retailers and consumers. For a couple years consumers did great as the internet was becoming a thing and people were able to front run deals. Retailers wised up but people have gotten better at price comparison and coupon stacking as well. Tools like CamelCamel and websites like help you find a verify that you are getting a good deal easily. But even for a casual its a good time to stock up on Christmas gifts and replace items that are damaged and worn.

I'm sure a lot of people get carried away and buy shit they don't need, but with online shopping I've been able to mostly just buy things that I already needed and have just held out on buying. The black Friday Walmart riots make no sense in this day and age, I can get the same damn deal those people fought over delivered to my house without even putting pants on. Its gotta be something about the scarcity mentality that makes people go feral.

The presence of black Friday is probably another poverty trap for people on the margins. If you make good money you dont really care about waiting a month or two to spend it. You also probably also have enough extra pants and underwear to defer replacement. If you live pay check to paycheck you either get nailed by high prices or high credit card interest. Pick your poison. That's probably that biggest realy negative impact of the black friday model.

My tally so far:

1 Instant pot Ultra: 85$ (180)

1 Nintendo Switch $180 (300)

2 Switch games $90 (120)

1 Car Seat $120 (200)

1 Pack and play $25 (50)

1 Cast iron Crock pot for bread making 18 (Probably wouldn't have bought it otherwise)

In case you are wondering I missed the Duluth underwear deal they came down to about 12 bux a pair after coupon stack. I maybe Ill try to claim warranty on the existing pairs instead.

Still considering buying another couple pairs of darn toughs, and a replacement lined jacket.

Damage due to Instagram vs Damage due to climate change... yeah things are going to change not for the better. Thing is climate change is inevitable, its happening and it cant be stopped. We need to spend more money researching how best to mitigate the impacts and preserve as much biodiversity as possible not trying to prevent that which cannot be stopped.

HGL  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: November 14, 2018

I dont get it KB, why waste your time on a formal education? Why not just go out, buy some equipment that will hold value and spend you time building things, learning from practice and maybe doing workshops with real pros once in a while? Do you need that piece of paper to get a loan or something?

Living with people really makes it hard for unattractive people to hook up. If you live alone nobody is going to judge you for your choices, if you have room mates you have a lot of pressure to conform to social norms of partner choice. Definitely would be a contributing factor

HGL  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: November 7, 2018

Call the insurance and take your free money. I called insurance for minor bumper damage and got 1k in compensation. Replacing and color matching bumpers is really expensive and you can legaly take the money and not do the repair. Totally worth it

We have 50c a gallon gas tax to fund brand new government agency that will do something about something related to global warming. All major polluters are of course exempt.

We have a horribly misguided gun storage initiative.

A ban on taxing poor peoples eating habits

And an initiative to crapify the police force and make them do a bunch of worthless mandatory training videos.