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Hey there. Thanks for posting this. I'm one of those hyper geeky "massive music library" types, which I say only to set up that I've listened to and appreciated a lot of music.

I think you've done a pretty good job. I've read in the thread that there is a huge market for this sound I agree, so keep it up and stay dedicated and you might actually do well for yourself.

As for criticism, the only thing that struck me as "the same" were the lyrics. Not so much the theme or the message of the song, but the words chosen. The reason I point this out this way is that most music within most genres amounts to "the same" as something else. What sets good bands apart is only the way they deliver the message, and then the message itself.

You're doing well in my book. Don't focus overly much on being original, since frankly I'm not sure how you could do that without reinventing music itself.