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comment by buteos
buteos  ·  62 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: August 26, 2020

there's this game show, I seen bits of it while channel surfing, it has Wayne Brady as a host and people in costumes and it's just not that interesting really but kind of fun to watch for five minutes once a month or so. Anyhow, they have people pick behind doors and sometimes people pick the wrong door and behind the door is a pile of garbage, maybe a busted car hauled from the junkyard or something, and it's supposed to be a non-prize. I wonder if a contestant has ever actually said to Wayne Brady "You know, in my spare time I make sculptures out of found objects. I know that's supposed to be a joke prize, but can I take that pile of garbage home? I could actually put it to good use."

My friend was telling me about a new brand of jeans they fell in love with. They wanted to give me a coupon to order some if I was interested. After they told me more about the brand, I said "No thank you. I've all but sworn of synthetic fibers." Which ten or fifteen years ago, might have sounded weird, but I'm glad I have friends who understand exactly what I mean when I say that and why and are cool with that.

Had job interview with an awesome garden center went really well in that the owner and I shared really good vibes, were able to just kind of chat, and it was more like a friendly coffee conversation (without the coffee) than an actual job interview. I really liked them and I like the place more now. Unfortunately, they just don't have a spot where I'd fit in. They'll hold my resume for spring hiring and I told them if anything comes up even before then, I'm game. Don't really got a lot of hope about it though.

Silver linings seem a bit thin and elusive these days, don't they? I think on my next day off work, I'm gonna go bird watching and maybe think about how if I can't find them, I can go about making a few.

Stay beautiful Hubski. Maybe make some silver linings of your own this week.

ilex  ·  62 days ago  ·  link  ·  

Making silver linings is a good craft to hone. You watch Crime Pays but Botany Doesn't? He's spot on about spending time outside being good for your mental health.

buteos  ·  62 days ago  ·  link  ·  

I did for a little bit. At first I found him to be funny and refreshing, but after a while his consistent crassness kind of turned me off. That said, I definitely understand his appeal and I'm really glad he's able to reach out to and inspire so many people, even if he and I have different philosophical approaches to nature. His passion is infectious.

He and you and everyone else is right about being outside being good for mental health. I mean, yeah, there's papers and studies that say so, but just go outside and pay attention to your mood and the proof is right there in front of you. That said, August has not been a good month for me getting outside, between work and the heat keeping me away. I can't believe I'm saying this, because summer used to be my favorite season, but I'm really looking forward to fall and winter hiking. Those seasons are a lot less taxing on the body.