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comment by low_ho_fosho
low_ho_fosho  ·  1568 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Farewell, America

I share your outrage at the fact this racist, misogynist pig will now be POTUS. I canvassed for Clinton; I was totally, 100% behind her. But I also don't think we can just get rid of racism and nationalism by extension. That is a slow process that requires re-education over generations, and in the meantime I think there are common ideas both Trump voters and Sanders voters share: anti-establishment, anti-elite, pro-working-poor. We should harness the anger and vitriol of the Trump coalition for our own ends.

I don't think the targets of racism had any illusions that racism wasn't still alive and well in America before the election. I think the people who thought like that were people like me: white liberals.

nothingleftinside  ·  1564 days ago  ·  link  ·  

It doesn't seem to me that Trump voters have anti-elite or pro-poor attitudes based on who they voted for. I just feel like we're beyond the point of compromise. One side is amenable to reason and understand facts; the other is entrenched and "post-truth". I've been hoping for (and calling for) my entire adult life a presidential candidate who's primary issue is poverty. The last time we had that was Jimmy Carter (I think, I wasn't alive). I was very pro-John Edwards in 2008 because that was his signature issue. I dunno. With republican congresses, I have no idea how any positive legislation is going to get passed ever. I'm frustrated to the point of revolt.