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comment by mailor
mailor  ·  3242 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Windows 10

I've been on OSX for many years now, mostly because of the Unix backend and good support. MS is certainly moving in the right direction, I believe, with Win10. MS is doing what Apple hasn't been doing for a lot of time: taking himself seriously and move forward with their technology. Every year or so, Apple improves OSX by adding fancy "toys" to its interface, that can help from time to time with productivity (e.g. the continuity feature, that allows users to complete a task either on laptop/mac or on iOS device), but that's where it stops. Quality control also became an issue for many users, to the point that (finally) the next OSX will be a "stability-focussed" release. Hopefully they'll get this right this time.

MS is seriously trying to re-invent its software offering by refining and improving both interface and backend. Cortana and its searches is a clear example, even "Spartan" shows effects like these.

The one thing I can still appreciate Apple sw over is their actual dedication to user privacy, which is apparent not only from a business model perspective, but also technologically speaking. "Our money is not on user data" is their slogan.

Unfortunately, this also encompasses their, I believe, main problem with latest sw releases: their money is not on high quality OSs. They do not sell neither OSX nor iOS. Therefore, their main value switches from "direct revenue" to "self-advertisement revenue". Fancy, easy to understand, "cool" feature become central to their development as these are the features that will attract customers to their platforms (i.e. where the actual money is). This comes with all the minuses in terms of sw quality, stability, refinement and thoughtfulness that professional or "power" users (as the Apple community loves to call its more technical professionals) are, I believe, increasingly feeling the lack of.

p.s. Hi, I'm from Reddit, nice to meet you all.

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So am I. Welcome. :)