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comment by zhaep

haha, maybe i'll delve into my year-in-planning jobicide mission in another post, its probably deeper still than even my cord-cutting strategy.

but yea i should say, there is definitely NOT 0 costs to convenience & (picture) quality etc in making the leap to cableless tv. Trawling for a stable quality stream, tiptoeing thru phishing/malware minefields, contending with jittery chromecasts, buffering or even HDMI connections is a qualitatively much different experience than flipping on the game. Demands a bit more of a hackerish/open-source/diy spirit than most traditional tv consumption.

Well worth the effort/savings to me, and i've had pretty relative ease satisfying what mild traditional tv appetite i had, but ymmv.

there is definitely something to be said for the serendipity of stumbling on programming that you might not know you wanted in the traditional tv model -- that is largely lost in the on-demand nature of Netflix etc. Which is sort of what im trying to approximate thru youtube channel subscriptions etc which then collect into a feed i can browse thru similar to channel-surfing.

edit: alternatively you can 'flip thru' your saved channels one by one if looking for specific types of content. I'll follow up with some of the more idiosyncratic channels i sub, such as Open Courseware / MOOCs and weird J-Vloggers etc., that i thought would have less general interest.