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comment by T-Dog
T-Dog  ·  2637 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Damn it, Hubski.

yes i agree completely, especially with what you said about Hubski having the tools to make it what you want it to be. I think a lot of the problem that some people are having is that, like pablo said, people in effect treat the site as " MY Hubski," and their concern, i guess, is that eventually all the things and people they don't like will invade their little slice of Hubski that they've apparently claimed ownership of.

i think having people who can connect to the site like that is a good thing, but what i don't understand is why this proprietary mindset automatically means a hostility towards new users. Maybe i see things differently as one of the new users, but if a site is designed to expose you to new ideas and information, why would you want to restrict yourself to the same handful of people and thoughts you're already familiar with?