I'm, like, in love!

OK, I'm not in love guys. Not just yet. Don't get too excited. BUT, I reconnected with an old (and, the more I remember, remarkably dear) high school friend about two weeks ago - we just ran into each other at the bar unexpectedly. The next morning, he was hitting me up on Facebook saying we should hang out sometime. And I had this fancy night with friends planned for that Friday so I figured, what the hey, take risks little rabbit, and I invited him out. We've hung out 3x since then. He has a kid (a little 6yo girl) and had custody for the last week, so that's limited our ability to hang out - quite reasonably and responsibly, of course.

Our next date is tomorrow...we are making chicken piccata at his apartment... We talk every day. A lot.

This kid gave me a lapdance while breathily singing "Happy birthday, Mr President" in my parents' basement on my 16th birthday party.

It's just like really interesting and... good. I don't have much else to say about it because I'm really excited, pretty into him, and there's no way anyone on earth would text me as much as he does unless they actually liked talking to me. So! I'll stop daydreaming about my wedding. (JK. I haven't really been daydreaming about the wedding. I'm too busy daydreaming about having sex.)

posted by pubski: 17 days ago