The Lost Generation of expats writing in Paris in the 20s created some of the most amazing literature of the modern era. Are there any places nowadays that combine inexpensive living with a stimulating environment and wildly creative, intelligent people?


During an interview we did, mk once referred to Hubski as like Paris in the 20s. It may have been the NPR Michigan radio interview. I'm not sure, but what I am sure of is that there are a lot of creative people collaborating, sharing and making interesting art on Hubski. That is by far my favorite aspect of the site. When strangers who have never met in person can collaborate and create something bigger than themselves, that's just amazing.

We have poets, authors about to release novels, musicians of all genres, entrepreneurs and great conversationalist. We have a #hubskidrinkclub too.

We just need the inexpensive living part…

posted by xenophon: 1800 days ago