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I've tried delta-8 a couple of times, and it works as advertised, but I have some misgivings about synthetic cannabinoids.

Can you imagine a world where the democrats had the nerve to federally legalize marijuana? Maybe they'd be in control of the presidency and both houses of congress or something, and legalization would be a very popular position. People might like democrats a little more, after that. This is all very hypothetical.

Or! Or, maybe, they might not quite have the votes, in which case, it's better to just not talk about it. It would be rude to, like, I guess it would be kind of like slandering the goodfolk across the aisle, some of whom might actually be in favor of legalizing it anyway. The filibuster? Oh, the point of the filibuster is to kneecap congress until republicans decide to repeal the filibuster next term to pass unambiguously evil legislation.

(they're all fucking morons)