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katakowsj  ·  405 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: I found an arrowhead and my head is full of shit.

Bro, don't forget that we're both "Recovering Catholics". There are definitely lingering effects. About twenty minutes before I read your post, Diane and I were discussing an article in the Free Press about the Detroit Catholic Archdiocese that was now "allowing" Catholics to skip mass to keep COVID free. That something to the effect of, I"f you're out eating at a restaurant or some other outing rather than being at mass, you should instead be at mass"

The word "allow" got to me. I started to get cheesed about the temerity of the Catholic Church to feel in charge of people. Then I thought some more about it. Instead, what compels a person to consent to having a religious body tell them what they ought to be doing? Is it simpler that way? Less scary?

I am not that person. My current understanding is that once we're gone, we're gone. In the meantime I can choose the values that guide my decisions. Mainly, honesty, thoughtfulness, kindness, responsibility, family and friends. I can do my best to leave the world a little better than when I entered it. That seems like enough of a challenge for anyone.

This seems like the general idea of Hubski to me as well.

What's up with the snake? I can't tell the exact scale of it from the picture. It doesn't appear to be a garter or copper belly. Maybe a brown snake? I checked Wikipedia's List of reptiles of Michigan, but I'm still not sure.