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kleinbl00  ·  307 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: April 22, 2020

I actually really enjoyed HZD. Bought the disc like two years ago but never got around to it; when the expansion cost $10 less than the full monty basic-game-plus-expansion-plus-swag package, I bought the swag so Aloi stares out at me whenever i turn on the Playstation.

The combat is imaginative; your loadout and your selections and your strategy and your sequencing all matters. It's a fairly rich story world with engaging mysteries. I think my basic problem is with how stupid Guerilla makes their AI. I can accept it if you have a rogue machine that forgets I'm there five minutes after I launch an exploding armor piercing arrow at its head because okay, machine AI evolves stupidly. But the fact that your human adversaries timeout even quicker is weird; it's like stealth-killing a kennel full of amnesiac golden retrievers. It's obviously a design choice to tilt combat towards lots of intense combos and other dumb shit but it also means that if you're primarily a sniper many of the quests become sort of an elaborate golf game. Which hey, I guess I need right now.

I'll watch that speedrun later. I'm in the middle of salvaging the hope right now because I tend to play every side quest. For a few days it was annoying because I realized I was basically walking around waiting for people to ask me to do favors but also, shit, I could stand to do some good in the (virtual) world right now.

My main beef? Right now? Is it's damn hard to find an interesting video game that isn't also somewhere post-apocalyptic where you're fighting corrupt madmen. It makes me wish there was more to do in No Man's Sky.