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kleinbl00  ·  59 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: 5G - Worth Sacrificing Accurate Weather Predictions?

What would they use it for, though? The advantages of 5G are pretty much low latency and high bandwidth. What in everyone's life needs low latency and high bandwidth? Fortnite?

I got serious about it when I put the network in here. Since my NAS can bond four gigabit links, I gave it four gigabit links. And to make that worthwhile I put in a network card in my "can't buy a faster one" pro tools computer that would bond two gigabit links. Only to discover that my can't buy a faster one PC with 12 cores and M.2 drives literally could not write faster than a gigabit link.

You can get fiber channel up to 5G speeds. Faster than. I've got 10G fiber between two switches at the birth center. Why? Because I can (see "dev perspective"). And I can look at the metrics and see that there's nothing on my network, and no network devices, that can so much as tick it over and I've got a couple 4K cameras.

When I put in the network I took a bid from a datacom firm that really wanted me to put in 10gigE. I figured i'd be dandy with gigabit. No, no, they said. You might really regret not having 10gig when you "upgrade." Upgrade to what? I said.

..."diagnostic ultrasound."

Yeah. If I need to fling high resolution medical imaging from office to office without lag, I might saturate gigabit. But for the rest of the world? That mostly wants to watch Yankees games on their phones? Yer talkin' 8MBPS for 1080p H264.