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    So yeah. Current flightpath is wipe out the poor people, make them move away from their homes, or make them buy flood insurance.

Which sucks for people imo, but I don't see any other solution being offered up anytime soon.

    'cuz here's the thing: our flood maps and our floods don't match up so the yellow red and purple areas on your map aren't eligible for subsidy. I'm not... and I'm 50 yards from the river.

If you'll let me be hyperbolic: Almost every person I've loved, every place I've called home, every school attended and every stadium, cemetery, and or church sat in exists in the yellow red and purple.

I've been thinking about why I'm commenting so much in this thread...and it's because the scale of it baffles me. If you have to relocate a town of 300,000, maybe your city's neighbor can take you in. If you have to relocate 150 million? Our infrastructure will bend, buckle, and break. It means climate refugees right here, soon.

    Dealing with this is literally going to remake the landscape, which means there's a lot of opportunity for people with some influence to steer things their way, which means lots of assholes are going to get rich and lots of people are going to die.

My home is going to be the fucking marching ground of these assholes, and my people are going to die. Have died.

It's got me riled up.

Thanks for the thoughtful comment as always klein, wish I had more of a useful response for you than this.