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veen  ·  367 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: PSA: Simple Opt-Out

I think you're talking about something else. What I am talking about is that I see two types of privacy-infringing companies; the gigantic tech/ad companies, who have no financial reason not to track the ever living shit out of you; and the smaller (tech) companies who maybe want your zipcode and email address and have with that enough consumer data to Pareto optimize their business to you. My link mostly helps with the latter.

The former is a different beast. Adobe, despite being objectively a terrible company, probably wouldn't do much with your data if they didn't have large data brokers to sell it to.

Even if Google has ten times the switches to flip, I have lost my faith enough in them that I simply assume they track more than they say. And yes, somewhere down the line that is because there's Mountain View nerds to feed and rock-ridden buses to repair. But that seems to me almost inconsequential, almost tangential when compared to the decade-plus long drum of data-collection that has been beaten, which to me is the real culprit here.