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kingmudsy  ·  723 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Hi, Hubski! What's weird about your morning routine?

Yeah, I'm planning on cutting back on showers. Gonna try and find something to replace that habit; I value the meditative time in the morning, but I gotta find a more responsible way to get into that mindset.

Re: Me feeling like I'm getting picked on...I think our baseline form of communication is different, and that's why I'm left feeling that way. When I'm trying to prove a point, I write stuff like your last comment because I'm not a super aggressive person and that's about all I can muster - simple statements of fact to drive my point home.

I dunno man. This is an issue with me, sorry for constantly dragging you into it. I'm probably gonna get a tattoo on my mouse-hand that says "kleinbl00 isn't being mean, you're just being sensitive".