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goobster  ·  222 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: March 13, 2019

6,700 rows in an Excel file.

I need to enter a check box or two-letter code into each of 4 columns, for every row.

So Column A is "Description"

B is "Compatible?"

C is "Not Compatible"

D is "Code ID" and

E is "Other"

This is just ONE of the 14 documents I need to complete - within the next two weeks - IN ADDITION to the 100+ page technical document I need to create out of thin air, that will convince the State of NY to buy our product over our competitor's products, and that we have an clear plan of action that will deliver everything they want, for a lower price than anyone else.

Have I mentioned that government contracting is stoopid?

Oh. And I have 5 other projects - three of the same magnitude and size - to deliver in the EXACT SAME TIMEFRAME.

My boss shattered his ankle and is in the hospital on drugs and getting surgery and will be incoherent for at least the next 9 days.

His boss's dad is passing away, so boss-boss has flown to the UK to be with dad and family. Unavailable.

The guy that's kinda my boss's compatriot and stand-in to help me out when my boss is busy? Yeah... his wife just disconnected his cornea, and is undergoing surgery, and will need his help to do absolutely anything for the next two weeks because she is effectively blind until she recovers.


The plane is still in the air... barely.

But it is full of holes, the tail is missing, my copilot is dead, I'm running on 2 of 4 engines on one side, so I have to adapt to the one-sided torque with flaps and lowering a single wheel on the opposite side of the engines to create a little drag, fuel is running out of the bullet-riddled wings, and I can see the faint profile of Messerschmitts in the distance, if I turn around and look out through the hole in the bulkhead where my navigator's body was sucked out of the aircraft. The sun is coming up. I cannot see the English coastline yet...

This is fine. Everything is fine.