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flac  ·  221 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: March 6, 2019

Hey, I have a very tedious issue that I would like some assistance with - if anyone has strong opinions about reasonable price points, I would love any help you've got.


So, a couple of days ago, I mentioned that I'm trying to get that Etsy cash a-rollin' by selling some 3D printed wall art:

A new one I'm pretty pleased with (I prettied up the print a little after this photo to align the tractor beam)

As of tomorrow, I'll have 50 individual units made, and by this sunday I'm hoping to have the shop opened. I've been working a little bit on logistics and packaging the past few days, and am just stuck on the question of price.

Now, I have no fucking clue how much people will buy these things for, but I am guessing that the answer is somewhere around $10, with around a $2.50 over/under. This is based solely on me asking myself "what would I pay for one of these", and a teeny tiny modicum of market research.

The cost of producing these in terms of resources is pretty negligible - the filament and energy consumed are about $.50 per unit. I have the design process pretty streamlined at this point, and a basic design takes maybe an hour to work up. They do take a decent amount of time to print, though, about 1.5 hours for each base, and 45 minutes for the art inlay. I have it set up so I print 12 hexes a day in batches of four, one when I go to work, one when I come back, one when I go to sleep. On weekends I just print the inlays all day if I'm around, and it about evens out, ending up with around 50 units, ignoring ones that turned out imperfect.

The bases connect together, though I think for the most part people will buy just one of whatever design they want and call it a day. I also think that the grouped pieces - like the lunar phases or the cow thing - will sell reasonably well, though probably not as frequently as the individual ones. I'm intending to shoot for a bit of an artsier crowd with the grouped pieces (cow one not necessarily included...), and I plan on mostly designing around a bunch of video game/pop culture themes for the individual pieces. In my mind, I imagine someone looking at my designs, finding one or two individual pieces they like, and maybe getting another one or two pieces as gifts for friends who they know to like such-and-such game/movie.

This being the case, I am thinking of pricing things as follows, which I hope will incentivize buying higher quantities.

1: $10

2: $20

3: $30

4. $37.50

5. $45

6: $52.50

7: $60

My initial pricing was just $7.50 for everything, which seemed very reasonable to me, but I also know I have a big tendency to undervalue my work, and $10 seemed nice and round for a single piece. The grouped pieces will mostly be either 4, 5, or 7 units, just because those are the most aesthetically appealing configurations of the bases for me personally. They'll be made of set colors, and will come pre-assembled, while the individual pieces can have a variety of colors and will come with the pieces to connect them together if one so desires.


TL;DR: if you were in the buying mood, what would you pay for one of these little wall art pieces? They're about 3.75" by 3.25", and really solid - I used 40% infill and a pretty low layer height to ensure that they are pretty hefty. They'll be packaged in individually made little bags, and sent in a bubble wrap mailer.

Additionally, any suggestions for video games/pop culture things that might be of interest to people? I have a dozen or so more designs that aren't pictured here, and am planning on making an Instagram and posting one new design a day once I have the Etsy shop open, and I'm definitely open to suggestions.

(Sorry I tend to go away for 6 months at a time only to come back for shameless plugs)

( Also, lil, yours is mailing Saturday :) )