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kleinbl00  ·  552 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Why People Still Don’t Buy Groceries Online

    Most said they liked picking out their own meat and produce, and that they don’t like planning their shopping ahead of time.

The problem with grocery delivery companies is they don't understand that this is not a logistics problem, it's a choice problem. You can tell me that 12oz of dill-flavored Triscuits cost $2.17 and 12.5oz of Carr's Water Crackers cost $1.99. You can show me both boxes. You can give me the nutrition labels. But I can't hold them in my hand unless I go to the store and I'ma pick up that box of crackers before I decide which one to buy. I can be hungry for dill when it's right in front of me. A picture of a box of crackers is not going to drive my impulse buy.

I get milk and eggs delivered. There's a company in Seattle that still delivers. They also have some light groceries that can be made to show up, too. But my delivery day is tuesday. My order has to be in by 6pm monday. And they hit me for $3 if I don't buy at least $10 worth of groceries. And everything they sell fits in a reefer truck and everything I buy has to fit in the refrigerated box on my porch. They've got the online grocery delivery problem sorted - sell a limited supply of staples, get people on a schedule, limit delivery to one arm-load. If they had to work avocados or dog food into that system the whole thing would crumble.