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If this is being framed as if he assaulted someone then that is indeed, ridiculous. If it’s being framed as male aggression to a female that ridiculous and extremely irresponsible. If it’s being framed as “this guy is an asshole and doesn’t know when to pass the mic. There are other reporters in the room, and he needs to not be one of them.” Well, I’m okay with that.

Is the president an asshole? Yes. Did Acosta act inappropriately? I think so. You may not respect Trump, I don’t, but we need to continue to respect the office. Pass the mic, yo! Or you don’t get the mic again. Pure and simple.

But it was not assault. That’s just dumb. That said while watching it I thought to myself “holy shit. This is unpresedented stuff. What an asshole.” Regarding Acosta.