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kleinbl00  ·  101 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Democracy Participation Th{ubski}read

I'm in a shit mood, too. There's a passage in Omnivore's Dilemma where Pollan and Salatin are slaughtering chickens and Pollan observes something like how easy it is to do evil when you're surrounded by people who think it's normal. Salatin points out that there's a reason they only slaughter two days a month; nobody should do too much killin' in a row.

It's a terrible system. It has many flaws. And if you opt out of it, the people who think it's GRRRRREAT!!!!!! get to call the shots. A couple days a month, you have to kill chickens. The rest of the time you eschew evil.

There are more people in DC than there are in Wyoming. Wyoming has two senators and a rep; DC has fuckall. There are more people in Puerto Rico than there are in Iowa. Iowa has two senators and four reps; Puerto Rico has none. But as of tonight, there are about a million more eligible democrats in Florida and I'm not sure the racist wins four years from now.

California was red for decades.

Environment? Yeah, that one scares me, too. I've been pondering lately if Washington real estate is going through the roof because the winters are milder than they used to be. And I'm trying to talk a friend of mine up by the Canadian border into opening a vineyard. And eventually, all these old fuckers are going to die, and then they're going to have a hard time voting for coal.

Take your victories where you get them.