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_refugee_  ·  471 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: October 3, 2018

Self-publishing your own indie art poetry chapbooks at home results in a phenomenal amount of paper waste. It’s simply astounding.

(Part of my problem is I have a MAC for my personal and Windows for work. I’ve been formatting and working the doc in one word program then trying to send it to and print it from another. Yes, I just admitted I’m trying to steal as much paper, ink and electricity as I can for this thing from work. Sue me. 50 copies of 22 pages is an awful lot and that’s without factoring in for all the draft copies, fucked up print jobs, and well yeah those are my only two major factors but still they are quite significant.)

You’d think exporting the file to a pdf and sending it to the other computer would work, but even that isn’t coming out right this morning. I’m trying to print the PDF As a booklet, which adobe has a preset for which is supposed to do just what I need. Welp, the PDF option isn’t working; the printer keeps flipping the pages in the wrong direction so half the book is upside down.

I might have to admit defeat with printing most of this at work and bite the bullet and stock up on printer ink. I’ve been able to print correct copies just fine on my Brother. Somehow two weeks ago I managed to print correct copies here at work too but I don’t want to misprint another 22 pages if I’m wrong. 44 pages of straight waste rather kills me.

I’m very excited about the book project/relaunch of my Etsy shop that will go along with it. It’s my main free time project right now. the book is finally in final print decent as it’s gonna be and way better than I expected edition. 12 copies already printed and bound but their errors are minor and I’m gonna sell them for $5 each anyway. 38-48ish more to go!