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katakowsj  ·  150 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Everything You Know About Obesity is Wrong

    Whenever you're fat, the meal you're eating right then is the meal you eat all the time

    This gets me - and when you see someone obviously fit getting a pizza I've "earned it" or it's a "cheat meal". Immediately explained away as something they deserve.

I say screw to hell with any dumb-ass that would ever spend the time to think or mention it. With an attitude like that, they'r e not even worth the time or consideration anyway. Eat for health and happiness.

Not that it's easy to do, given much of pop-culture. But that part of pop culture should be disregarded also.

Also, I lay off the cheese and dairy. No pizza for me. Damn, but that stuff gives me me acne. I mean, it's meant to make baby cows grow really fast. I find it acts as an inflammatory, plus I can feel my blood sugar levels surge after a lot of dairy, of course, especially in the form of ice cream. Blah.