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I'm familiar with the song Uneasy Rider. Both versions. I think it's funny how making fun of rednecks morphed into homophobia.

And if you wanted to make that point you shouldn't have slapped a picture of Caitlyn Jenner into a reply about the humanization of Jews in the the 1940's as a way to make your point as if everyone can read your mind. You offered no explanation or context but you seem to be aggressively defending the point that your hot take on a comic is correct. And that take is simply that pro Jewish propaganda still exists. Yeah, never said it didn't. But tacit mass media defense of racism is the point here.

You're entirely missing the artistic intent which is to shine a light on the changing media landscape. As well as subtle personal narrative the author offers in the long form version of this that is the memoir I mentioned. And looking like a damn fool all the while to me because you're missing the point, not reading between the lines, personally insulting me for not being a mind-reader and continuing to double down on how right you are because you're like fucking omniscient while demeaning anyone who dares to stand up to you for being an asshole because you read some shit that makes you an authority on virtually everything and thus entitled to condescend to anyone freely.

There ya go dumbass. BEEEEEAAANNNZZZ!!!