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It’s worth pointing out that there are many time’s when hospitals can’t let you leave unless with someone you actually know who has to come directly to wherever they have you waiting. In most scheduled situations you have to tell them exactly who that will be at drop off and they are clear it can’t be a taxi. Hard to judge if you don’t know the full situation.

Also, some trades associations have slapped on exesscive costs to said tests. I haven’t studied something in college that didn’t lead to spending thousands on a test after graduation before I could do anything. Even if we agree that it’s fair to charge thousands for just an exam it’s bs for older people to pretend we still live in the same environment. It’s also worth noting that the way into those careers and effectively middle class has become more difficult which will leave more people behind. Even if we agree with the ridiculous costs it is still worth realizing it is a barrier to the middle class. Barriers aren’t always unfair but if we want to access why people aren’t making it we should access the barriers.

Like, are your friends doing Masters degrees bus drivers ? Do you actually know that one could drop down to part-time, pick their own schedule to bend around school and still keep their full benefits ?

You literally just dismissed three different people in three different situations that you don’t actually know anything about. I’m not going to act like I know them better, but I’m sure as hell not going to dismiss them based off my lack of knowledge. You come across like one of those young people who just can’t understand why other young people don’t just live with their parents through College/University.