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goobster  ·  243 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: November 15, 2017

Well, shit.

All of that sucks.

I wanna point and laugh that you are surprised that a rear-engine vehicle with three people in it failed to respond predictably to steering input, when - practically speaking - there was basically zero weight over the front wheels... but I am, quite honestly, talking out my ass with information probably gleaned from a combination of Top Gear, my father, and Elliott, who all hate Porsches with a passion. (Well, except for Hamster.) And, more importantly, I would also be laughing at a potential car wreck involving your lovely wife and angel of a daughter, and even I am not that much of a dick.

So let's stick with "diesel spill".

The book and the movie? It's shit when you knew that this was the most likely outcome for both projects from Day 1. But getting to the end and seeing them actually turn out that way has got to be defeating. Sorry about that, man. I've always expected you to have success along the lines of Andy Weir, (but without Reddit). Maybe it is still coming down the pike...

The same wind that took your MC cover destroyed my RV cover too. Now the side mirrors are sticking out like ears from big gaping holes in the fabric, and a tear along the roof seam will destroy the whole thing the next time we get anything over 15 MPH. There's another $300 to Amazon coming up during the holiday season...

Sorry for the shit sandwich, my friend.

And... who the fuck drives an HDMI cable through the goddamn wall?!?