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veen  ·  877 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: 'Any taboo has gone': Netherlands sees rise in demand for euthanasia

I think a more pronounced sentiment is to squeeze out every extra bit of life, despite the exponentially increasing pain and suffering (and medical cost) that that extra bit entails - life itself being given an almost infinite value. This leads to our loved ones suffering and withering away for days, weeks and sometimes years. The term 'dehumanized' comes to mind - not just to describe this approach to death, but also to describe how people who take this step feel or want to avoid feeling. In the case of my grandma, she lived on increasing doses morphine in a hospital bed that they brought home for a few weeks. She became a shell of a person. After a few weeks the morphine didn't soothe the pain anymore, so the decision was made to carefully OD'ed her on painkillers. Not really standard procedure - she wanted to go earlier, but alas. (So no, I don't know about chocolate.)