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I've only recently started reading a bit again after being almost unable to look at a book since the spring. Right now I'm reading these three.

Wuthering Heights

This is a beat-up copy that I acquired somehow a couple of years ago, and really it's just been on the to-read pile since. Like Pride & Prejudice a few months ago, I'm mostly reading it just to have read it. Also like P&P, I'm not particularly into the florid language used, though the narrator is unintentionally hilarious at least.

Sceoin sa Bhoireann

The name translates to "Terror in the Burren", that being a famous karst area in the west of Ireland. The book is about a shipwrecked family of Scandinavians thousands of years ago who end up in the Burren; the father dies, the brother disappears, and then they meet a bunch of Celts and intermarry and settle down. It's a bit crimmy-ish; there's an evil goat-demon-beast haunting the area. So... yeah. I read Gafa earlier on this year by the same author, which was about a drug addict in a broken family, so I wasn't expecting this at all. I am at least making better progress with this than the former book, though; I've been reading a chapter every day or two and it's only wee so I'm halfway done. Gafa took me about six months to get through.

Poor Green Erin

I've actually been reading this since February. It's a collection of translated excerpts of German travel writers' letters and essays from the late 1700s to the late 1800s. It was in the pub and I would dip into it every now and then and read a few pages, but generally I always either have something to do or there are customers who'd probably be a bit peeved if I just sat there reading a book and ignoring them.

It is bleak. Every single writer describe the utter destitution of the Irish people - clothed in rags, living in mud hovels with a small gap for a door and no windows or chimney, and living off of nothing but potatoes and some buttermilk. And I haven't even gotten to the Famine yet.