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nowaypablo  ·  314 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: [Trip Report] Combat Field Training 2017

UCP (the digital one) is being phased out for OCP (current Army ACU that looks like BDU), and we intend to be 100% OCP by the end of this year. UCP is still authorized until then. Our gear was mostly issued UCP which looks so stupid but doesn't really matter, practically speaking.

Every squad has a M249 and weapons squad runs with two M240B. I've shot both, mostly blanks, and holy fucking shit is the 240 a monster. I've had to field-clean both but only the 249 in garrison, thank god. edit: we're issued M4A1 with auto instead of burst now. The M4 is a beautiful rifle and very satisfying to take care of. When we shoot blanks though, it can misfire or malfunction pretty easily.

That's a 105mm HEPD round, we shot from the M119 towed piece and a bigger one I can't remember. It's fucking great.

I want to branch Field Artillery so I'm really into that shit. As an LT I'll have a job in FDC, on the gun line and also as a forward observer (or whatever an LT's role is in FO, I don't recall that specifically).

No foxholes, thank god. Trainees weren't permitted to dig into the training grounds. That is a pain I will save to experience when I commission.

WP has a lot of former Guard guys by the way. Haven't met a bad one of em yet. Where were you?