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nowaypablo  ·  314 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: [Trip Report] Combat Field Training 2017

It was hard to keep track of distances. Some mornings back at camp we had to wake up and ruck 6 or 7 miles for some graded events. In the field, we usually didn't have more than 3 movements a day of around 3km. The most we moved at once was an unknown distance of about 4 hours at night when the pointman was unable to negotiate a river crossing.

During field training exercises we operated as a platoon on the highest level, about 45 people including 4 squad leaders (rising juniors at WP) 1 platoon sergeant (junior) and 1 platoon leader (senior). Ideally, I would sleep with a sleeping bag inside my bivy. In reality, I wrapped myself up in poncho on the line and did not sleep :( If it rained, which it did almost every night in the field except for one, I huddled next to my buddy on the line and we did our best to preserve warmth under a space blanket, which is a plastic blanket designed to trap heat.

I'm majoring in Economics and trying to fit a Stats minor in my schedule at the moment. I'll graduate in 2020 with a minimum 5-year service requirement, beginning as a 2nd Lieutenant and ending roughly at Captain. I hope to leave after my minimum and hop into a master's degree and a career in finance.

Thanks for asking! I hate talking about it in person with friends because I feel like a giant douche. At the same time it's so much going on at once that I feel like I need to talk about it just to center myself!