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Here's the questions: Does Fyodor know where to turn off the transmitter? Can he do it without the Americans knowing? Does he know about it? Can the Russians do it remotely? Can they do it remotely from an asset we don't have under ELINT? Do they have any assets we don't have under ELINT? Is there anything to turn off?

I think USA-276 is a spec mission by SpaceX to demonstrate to the NRO that they're a viable launch partner. I'll bet they bought a Boeing 702 and hung some antennas off of it. I'll bet this is a cheap-ass proof-of-concept sniffer to demonstrate that their Al's Auto Supply approach to launches extends to payloads and that they can build a cheaper mousetrap. And I'll bet they don't actually have to accomplish anything of probative value, they just need to fit within the envelope of sneaky spy stuff.

"What's that? Why did we buzz the ISS? Oh, we didn't - that's those pesky SpaceX guys, the orbit was delayed, it wasn't supposed to be that close... what's it doing up there? It's literally a can of beans because we wanted them to prove they could put pintos in orbit. It's totally not listening in on your communications. Which are public, right? Right. Right? Right. Kovfefe."